Toolkit: Women Parliamentarians Making a Difference in Politics

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Heinrich Böll Foundation Afghanistan and UNIFEM Afghanistan, 2007

Women entered parliaments and make a difference in politics around the world. This toolkit, authored by Dr. Andrea Fleschenberg, gives an introduction into questions on inroads made by women legislators. It asks about their experiences and practices to exercise their mandate and to join efforts with their legislator colleagues to implement their political agenda. It shows some of the key instruments that women parliamentarians use in countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to be politically effective. And it illustrates how far additional supportive institutional structures such as women’s political machineries help them in their efforts.

Table of Contents

Where do we Stand?
A Worldwide Assessment of Women's Inroads into Politics and its Respective Determining Factors

What Does it Take for Women Parliamentarians to Make a Difference?
Key Factors for Political Impact

Looking for Suggestions...
Key Instruments for Women Parliamentarians Effectiveness

Beyond Legislative Work
Women's Political Machinery and other Supportive Institutional Structures and Women Parliamentarians