Lou Herbst
head of collective mission "Participation, Gender Democracy and Anti-Discrimination"
Foto von Lou Herbst

I studied International Development in Vienna with a focus on (Queer)Feminist Theory, Global Power Relations and Colonial Continuities. Sincegraduating in 2013, I have been working full-time in political educationand counseling with a focus on sexual and gender diversity, (queer)feminism, critical whiteness and colonial continuities with a widevariety of target groups. My aim of dealing with these topics is toraise awareness of my own entanglements in power relations, toinclude critical perspectives and visions of people who have experienceddiscrimination and to encourage social changes.

In my work and in my activism, an intersectional perspective on powerrelations is always very important to me, as is the constant reflectionof my own positioning and a critical exchange.

In the Heinrich Böll Foundation, I am responsible for the collective mission "Participation, Gender Democracy and Anti-Discrimination". It isimportant to me that the Heinrich Böll Foundation is a place whereeveryone feels comfortable, especially the people who often experience exclusion and discrimination in this society.
In my work as the head of collective mission,I advocate an open, error-friendly and appreciative attitude. As part ofmy work, I hope to support the processes relating to participation andgender democracy and to raise awareness of recognizing and reducingdiscrimination.