Netta Ahituv
Portrait Netta Ahituv

Netta Ahituv is a senior magazine correspondent at Haaretz Newspaper and the editor of the Family Section, based in Tel Aviv. In 2014 she won the Pratt Prize for journalism in the "Extensive and Important Body of Work" category. In addition, she has a weekly spot on a TV debate show regarding foreign affairs on the Israeli national channel and is a frequent participant in many TV shows and panel discussions.

She has an MA in Environmental Philosophy and a BA in Biology and Humanities, both from Tel Aviv University.

She founded a women’s soccer league in Israel, in which women play soccer weekly as a hobby and as an empowerment tool. Recently, Netta managed to bring 8,600 solar lights to children in Gaza who are off the electricity grid. The project was called Little Suns to Gaza and presented many challenges, especially overcoming obstacles posed by the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Nevertheless, the solar lights crossed the border and were handed to the children. The initiative proved that there is indeed a crack in every wall and "that's how the light gets in".