Sok Leang
Researcher and trainer on gender equality and human rights
Portrait Sok Leang

Mr. Sok Leang is a researcher and trainer on gender equality and human rights. He has provided training to local authorities and women’s groups in the area of women’s human rights and gender discrimination. Leang has been a university lecturer of Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and Critical Thinking. He has been an evaluation and research consultant for various NGOs and CSOs—including media outlets—working on development and human rights and gender, which involve gender assessment and gender analysis, gender training manual, and training curriculum on gender, media, and sexual harassment. Leang recently published a joint research entitled Preserving Harmony or Preventing Justice? A study of local dispute resolution practices in cases of domestic and intimate partner violence in Cambodia.

He has worked for NGOs and CSOs in Cambodia on Business and Human Rights, Labor Rights, and Victim Participation in Transitional Justice mechanism in the context of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia, ECCC).
Leang has been gender, media, and communication for Cambodia’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) in charge of capacity development and gender mainstreaming. He has engaged in consultation for gender-related strategies and policies in Cambodia. Mr. Sok has been part of the international training team of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Training Center to provide an institutional capacity development on Gender and Organizational Change to senior officials at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Mr. Sok Leang holds a MA in Sociology-Anthropology and a Bachelor of Education and a BA in Khmer Literature. He has received extensive fellowship trainings on International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Indonesia and Singapore and Transitional Justice in South Africa; as well as the training on Application of CEDAW’s Convention: From Local to Global in Geneva, Switzerland.