Perspectives Middle East & North Africa is a publication series of the Middle East & North African offices of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. With this series, we intend to let experts from Southeastern Europe express their views about current political issues in their region. The series will provide political analyses and assessments that are well-founded, concise and relevant.

Our aim is to make a contribution to a highly diversified debate - in which people from Southeastern Europe with a special insight into what is happening in their part of the world can express their thoughts. We intend publishing contributions from think tanks and universities, from journalists, politicians, as well as civil society representatives.

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Perspectives Middle East & North Africa #4: Qatar - aspirations and realities

In the Arab Gulf Region, one political actor, in particular, is becoming more visible, seemingly more engaged in navigating the uncertainties caused by the fast changes emerging in the region and in filling the gaps in this political scene: The state of Qatar. What is the role Qatar is trying to play in the region and is it being translated internally?
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Perspectives Middle East & North Africa #3: Syria's Revolution - Society, Power, Ideology

It is almost a year ago that Syrian citizens, inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, courageously took to the streets in protest against the decades-long denial of their basic rights by the Assad regime. But Syria as a topic for research has long been marginalized in cultural, social, and political studies. This publication written by authors from the region wants to give new perspectives on Syria.