Roadmap to 1325

Edited by the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism and Gender Democracy at Heinrich Böll Foundation
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December 2009
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Roadmap to 1325

December 28, 2009

Globalization and new power configurations in the world have greatly changed the meaning of peace and security. Poverty, climate- and resource-related conflicts, instable governments, regional and international terrorist groups, and criminal organizations all pose a threat to security and stability everywhere. Throughout the world these problems lead to insecurity and new perceptions of threat. These developments are being followed critically by peace networks and experts from civil society. For quite some time women’s organizations and feminist networks have been increasingly involved, putting the gender perspective back on the agenda. Since October 2000, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 has been paving the way to greater gender sensitivity in peace and security policy. It could be a milestone for gender-equitable security policy. But up to now this resolution has not developed its own institutional strength within the UN system and the international community. This volume contributes to filling the gap in knowledge about approaches both to gender-sensitive peace and security policy.

With contributions by Sanam Naraghi Anderlini, Andreas Zumach, Karen Barnes, Lynne Christine Alice, Mariam Notten, Ute Scheub and others.


Resolution for gender-sensitive peace and security policies -
Roadmap to 1325
Editor Edited by the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism and Gender Democracy at Heinrich Böll Foundation
Place of publication Berlin
Date of publication December 2009
Pages 224
ISBN 978-3-86649-311-7
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