Ethnonationalism and State Building

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Publication Series Democracy, Volume 9

Ethnonationalism and State Building

Since the end of the Cold War, ethnic and religious conflicts have increased significantly. The international community was largely helpless in the face of genocide in Rwanda and the Balkan wars. Since then, interest in conflict management methods has grown considerably. Nation building and state building in fragile states has thus become an instrument of international policy. The issues related to the structuring of government bodies, constitutions, or institutional frameworks for political pluralism are regularly confronted with forms of ethnic and religious conflicts. Managing these conflicts involves finding equilibrium between the territorial integrity of a state and its inherent promise of stability and the principle of a peoples’ right to self-determination. Comparisons can be helpful in evaluating the successes and failures of various ethnic integration strategies. The international political weight of the topic was underscored by the events related to the war in Georgia in the summer of 2008.
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December 16, 2008
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
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Table of contents

7 Preface

9 Ralf Fucks Ethnonationalism and State Building

11 Joscha Schmierer Imperial World and State Building

15 Ulrich Schneckener Ethnonational Conflicts and Models of Conflict Settlement

25 Milan Horacek The Conflict between the Right to National Self-Rule and the Territorial Integrity of States as Illustrated by Slovakia and the Czech Republic

29 Walter Kaufmann The Conflict between the Right to National Self-Rule and the Territorial Integrity of States as Illustrated by Georgia and Abkhazia

35 Benoit Lechat und Genevieve Warland Ethnonationalism in Belgium: the Origins, History and Risks of the Belgian Compromise

44 Bodo Weber Kosovo, the Fall of Yugoslavia and the Discussion of the Right of Self-Determination: On the Distorted Perception of Modern Collective "Ideologies" and their Effects on International Politics

53 Fawwaz Traboulsi Do Collective Rights Contribute to Conflict Resolution? The Case of Lebanon

59 Ghassan Atiyyah Iraq: Instability and Social Integration

67 The Authors

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