Green New Deal


Utopian Realism

"A new model of sustainability is needed, driven by ingenuity and the capacity of our technologies to extract more from less" says Anthony Giddens in his foreword to "Green Growth, Smart Growth".

By Anthony Giddens

North South Transitions to Green Economies

The worldwide and sustainable transition of energy systems will only succeed if the economic and technological capacities of all countries are involved. Few developing countries have considerable production capacities for climate-friendly technologies. If the creation of attractive enabling environments in the global South goes hand in hand with new ways of careful export support in the global North, this will work as a global and fair Green New Deal.

Critique of the Green Economy - Toward Social and Environmental Equity


Publication Series on Ecology 22: The idea of growth as the way to end poverty and escape economic and financial crisis remains largely undisputed and is currently reflected in the concept of the green economy. But not everything that is “green” and efficient is also environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. This essay outlines a policy of less, of wealth in moderation, to enable the Earth’s resources to make a life of dignity and without need possible for all.

Another attempt to save the planet?

Green technologies in themselves will not bring about the change we need. Growth at any price must no longer be the paramount goal. Agriculture is one of the sectors in which reform is most urgent – and, at the same time, most difficult.  

By Barbara Unmüßig

Protests for Social Justice: A Green New Deal for Israel?

During the ongoing housing protests in Israel, the Green Movement just released the first draft of a Green New Deal. Two chairpersons of the Green Movement link their economic plan with the currrent protests for social justice. By Alon Tal, Racheli Tedhar Kener

Green New Deal in Ukraine? The Energy Sector and modernizing a National Economy

To modernize its national economy, Ukraine must complete the already started vital reforms in its energy sector aimed at modernization and the development of unconventional and renewable sources of energy. To shift priorities of Ukraine’s energy policy towards Green New Deal principles, the European Neighborhood Policy can play a vital role. By Dmytro Naumenko

Toward a Transatlantic Green New Deal


Publication Series on Ecology 3: There is growing recognition of the imperative to address the economic and environmental crises together rather than separately. This means that the solution to current economic problems lies not in pushing “shovel-ready” programs like more road building or in simply restarting the engine of consumption, but rather in laying the foundations for a fundamental green transformation.