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Politics of Denial and Dealing with the Past in Western Balkan

Published: 30 May 2023
The Belgrade and Sarajevo offices of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, togetherwith our editor Miloš Ćirić, have invited relevant voices to reflect on what wasachieved over the past decades in the fields of documentation, memorialization, andprocessing of recent history.

Strained by War

Published: 11 November 2022
Policy Paper
This policy study focuses on the bilateral relations between Germany and Ukraine from the outset of Volodymyr Zelenskyy's presidency to the outbreak of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine all the way to the present moment, seven months later.

Position Paper On WB6

Published: 1 April 2022
policy brief
Recommendations and expectations for German and European policy. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has direct and significant implications for the Western Balkans. The lack of a consistent and convincing EU perspective and U.S. engagement in the region opened up space for other actors and scenarios aimed at recomposing the Western Balkans as well as promoted regressive tendencies throughout the region.
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Navigating Uncharted Waters

Published: 12 November 2021
Many Russian stakeholders no longer fiercely reject the EU’s plans to tax carbon intensive imports, but look at the global decarbonisation efforts more foresightedly. Windows of opportunities for international cooperation appear. However, instead of joining the global shift to renewables, Russia develops its own approach with a strong role for traditional energy sources.

Perspectives Southeastern Europe #8: Kosovo 1999-2019 - A Hostage Crisis

Published: 26 December 2019
Twenty years on from the Kosovo War, the collective memory of both parties in the conflict remains burdened by myths and incontestable truths about what actually took place. In this issue of Perspectives we aim to highlight the fact that Kosovo is not just a toponym, but a country burdened by its recent violent history, where common people are struggling to rebuild the broken societies that the conflict has left behind.
Cover - Facts and Figures

Ukraine and EU: Towards a decarbonisation partnership

Published: 13 December 2019
The Fact Sheet provides figures and numbers on the current state of the Ukrainian energy sector and outlines the benefits of a decarbonisation strategy for energy security, economic prosperity and climate protection.

Perspectives Southeastern Europe #7: Narratives in the Balkans. In the Combat Zone

Published: 18 September 2018
The conflicts, social and political turmoils we have witnessed in the western Balkans in the last three decades were, in the minds of many leaders and participants, centred around collective identities whose differences allegedly could not be settled in a nonviolent way. And still, more then 20 years after the wars, patriarchal, homophobic and exclusive tendencies are dominating in the region, shaping a climate of intolerance, of exclusion, of the radical negation of all things humane and rational.