Fiscal policy encompasses the plans and actions of governments and institutions regarding revenue generation, expenditure control, as well as promoting or stabilising economic growth. The Eurozone crisis and its challenges for the EU require an important debate on goals and principles in European economic and fiscal policies.

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Hauptquartier der AIIB in Peking.

The AIIB - A multilateral bank like any other?

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Making the Great Turnaround work

Making the Great Turnaround work

The long-term challenges have lost none of their significance – be it climate breakdown, species extinction, the increase in inequality, or demographic change. The challenge is to craft a strategic approach that can set the course for long-term success.
Cover The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The business of the AIIB is the financing of large infrastructure projects such as power plants, dams and transport routes. Such investments are inherently associated with high environmental and social risks, as well as corruption and high levels of debt. This study provides an overview of the institution's close alignment with China and its transparency and information disclosure rules.
Debt Relief by Private Creditors: Lessons from the Brady Plan

Debt Relief for Green and Inclusive Recovery Project

This paper reviews the main features of and experiences with the Brady Plan, which in 1989 laid the foundation for the restructuring of the sovereign debt of mainly Latin American countries. It argues that the combination of credit enhancement for restructured debt, moral suasion, and tax as well as regulatory relief to encourage private creditors to participate in debt restructurings may provide a template for addressing today's sovereign debt problems.