Work is a fundamental element in the life of every individual and plays a crucial role in societal development. It can form the basis for livelihood and personal fulfillment. However, work encompasses much more than just employment. It extends to areas such as social participation, gender equality, and the protection of labour rights.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on work.

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Agriculture, food production and labour migration in Southern Europe

Publications on Work

The G20 and Gender Equality - How the G20 can advance women’s rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies

This paper examining the links between economic and gender inequality, women's rights, and inclusive growth. Oxfam and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung argue that the G20 should treat gender inequality as a core systemic issue. The paper considers whether the G20's governance and main frameworks are consistent with these commitments, looking at case studies in selected G20 countries.