Lecture: Ralf Fücks on "Green Growth, Smart Growth"

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Ralf Fücks in India

China and United States – the two biggest emitters of Greenhouse gases have started to change their energy policies. This is not only driven by political consideration or by environmental concerns but mainly by economics: Renewable energies are getting cheaper, more cost efficient and attractive.

This creates an opportunity to overcome the old fashioned contradiction between economic development and environment protection, says Ralf Fücks at  the 37th Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture on October 7th. In his speech, which starts at minute 9, Fücks outlines the main points of his his recently published book "Green Growth, Smart Growth".

37th Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture by Mr. Ralf Fücks - amamanage

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The kind of great green transition, that Fücks proposes, is not only about climate change or the environment. It’s about improving human lives and even more about improving the lives of the poor which are heavily depending from the environmental conditions.