Upping the Ante on Bulk Surveillance

An International Compendium of Good Legal Safeguards and Oversight Innovations
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Robust surveillance legislation and effective intelligence oversight can serve as bulwarks against the erosion of fundamental rights in our democracies. Unfortunately, national governments regularly need to be admonished for flaws in their intelligence laws by national or regional courts. Rightly, courts demand more rigorous and effective oversight mechanisms.

Yet, given the rapid evolution and the complexity of surveillance technology, what should effective oversight look like in actual practice? Courts will not design oversight institutions or prescribe specific accountability mechanisms. This is the important task of democratic governance that needs to be administered elsewhere.

This compendium by Thorsten Wetzling and Kilian Vieth invites regulatory authorities, oversight bodies and civil society to look beyond national borders and be inspired by the good practices that exist in other countries.


Product details
Date of Publication
November 2018
Number of Pages
Table of contents

Foreword I
Foreword II
I. Introduction
II. Methods
III. Good Practices Compendium

Phase 1: Strategic Planning
Phase 2: Application Process («Warrantry»)
Phase 3: Authorization / Approval
Phase 4: Collection & Filtering
- Collection
- Filtering
Phase 5: Data Processing
- Data storage
- Data maintenance
- Data-sharing
- Data deletion
Phase 6: Analysis
Phase 7: Review & Evaluation
Phase 8: Reporting
IV. Discussion
V. Conclusion
VI. Annex

List of Workshop Participants
List of Interviewed Experts
List of Good Practices
List of Abbreviations
List of reviewed Intelligence Legislation

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