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Reproductive Justice

An Introduction
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Self-determined decisions about one's own body and family planning are often influenced by laws and prevailing norms that act like barriers. Sometimes these barriers are so subtle and elusive that people lack the words to describe them. As a result, they may not be free to choose to live with or without children.

This publication is an attempt to give words, faces and stories to such situations. In this way, hidden injustices can be made visible, fought against and reproductive justice can become a reality for all.


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Date of Publication
August 2023
Created by the Reproductive Justice Working Group. Published by the Gunda Werner Institute in the Heinrich Böll Foundation
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Table of contents

1. Introduction Reproductive … what?!

  • The history of reproductive oppression
  • Who should have children, and who shouldn’t?
  • More than “pro-choice”

2. The decision to have children

  • Racial exclusions
  • Whose children are wanted?
  • Ableist exclusions
  • Anti-queer exclusions
  • Equal rights for parents

3. The decision not to have children

  • Abortions
  • Contraceptives for all?
  • Sex education
  • The right to desire and pleasure
  • From privilege to right

4. Living with children

  • Children’s rights
  • Political struggles for self-determined parenthood
  • Who can afford children?
  • Good conditions for parenting

5. Making reproductive justice a reality – but how?

6. A selection of reproductive justice initiatives


Sources, further reading, endnotes

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