International Conference: Ukraine, Russia and the EU

International Conference: Ukraine, Russia and the EU

One year after the annexation of Crimea, an international conference held at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Berlin on March 2 offered European and US experts the opportunity to analyse and discuss Europe’s response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. How do we view this conflict? What can be done in order to support Ukraine on its rocky path towards Europe? What are the EU’s policy options towards Russia? We will also focus on domestic developments in Ukraine one year after Yanukovych fled Kiev: What progress has been made towards political and economic renewal? And what is the import of Ukraine’s reform movement for Europe and Russia? (You can change the video by clicking on the playlist-menu in the upper left corner)


When choosing means losing

The trade relations of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership is a complex web of discrepancies. They have assigned different association agreements with Russia and the EU. The coexistence of these two models of economic integration poses challenges - and problems.

By Heidi Hautala

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Revising Green values

Medication and water bottles have numerous advantages in a crisis situation, but they cannot be used to stop ISIS. The greatest dilemmas of European Greens are rooted in a conflict of values. They need to work on a political solution.

By Tamás Meszerics

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Focus on G20 in Germany


July 2017: G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Find everything you need to know about the G20: Infographics, in-depth analyses and facts about the Group of 20.

International Politics

After the end of the cold war foreign and security policies have been subject to rapid change. This development has been further accelerated after September 11. Traditional security policies such as deterrence and containment have been replaced by risk prevention, crisis intervention, and preemptive policy measures. Increasingly questions of foreign, security, and developmental policy have become intertwined. The debates surrounding the war on Iraq have brought to the surface tensions between the USA and Europe – as well as within Europe itself. Against this background we would like to continue the debates on the future of transatlantic relations - and this against the background of new security policy risks, crisis prevention, and preemptive policies.


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