Interviews: New political visions of Afghanistan

Rahe-Madanyat (Civilization Way Weekly) is a non- partisan and independent weekly magazine established in 2012 by a group of young talented journalist, writers and university lecturers in Afghanistan. The magazine aims to promote rule of law, citizen’s rights, civilized values and social relations and concentrates on gender equality and social acceptance of women. Rahe Madanyat has been working with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung since mid 2012 and has become well known throughout Afghanistan for the project of publishing portraits of women and their role in strengthening peace and security in Afghanistan.

Since January 2014, Rahe Madanyat is conducting a series of bi weekly interviews to portrait young political leaders. These young female and male actors speak about their political vision for Afghanistan beyond 2014 and describe how they will play a crucial role in development of the country, especially in the field of democratization, peace and security. Goal of the project is to encourage the young leaders to define their interests, experiences and strategies for the future of Afghanistan and to share their ideas with the readership. It is hoped that the portraits will encourage other young persons to think about their own political interests and to take the decision of taking an active role as citizens of Afghanistan in 2014 and beyond.

The total of 24 interviews will be widely disseminated in Afghanistan to government administrations, civil society organizations, academic institutions and other media. The Farsi version of the portraits will also be available electronically at and in English on This web dossier will publish English and German translations of the interviews regularly until December 2014.