The term "geoengineering" encompasses various technologies aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change by intervening in Earth's systems. These technologies involve reflecting sunlight back into space or removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They offer a potential solution for climate change but come with far-reaching social, political, and environmental risks.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on geoengineering.

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Recent Articles on Geoengineering

Thematic Focuses on Geoengineering

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Dossier on the UN Biodiversity Conference in Cancún (CBD COP 13)

Publications on Geoengineering

What is wrong with Solar Radiation Management?

A briefing explaining why Solar Radiation Management (SRM) experiments are a bad idea. SRM describes a set of geoengineering techniques that aim to counter human-made climate change by artificially increasing the reflection of heat from sunlight (solar radiation) back into space. 

The Big Bad Fix: The case against geoengineering

The “Big Bad Fix” provides a comprehensive overview of the key actors, technologies and fora relevant in the geoengineering discourse. It opposes geoengineering as a technofix for climate change and as a threat to world peace, democracy and human rights.