Political Research

Political research enables a deeper understanding of political processes, promotes the development of more effective political strategies, and contributes to the improvement of democracy by providing facts and analyses for informed decision-making. In doing so, it fosters an informed citizenry and supports transparent, evidence-based policy-making.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on political research.

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Thematic Focuses on Political Research

Publications on Political Research

Governing Ecologically

In voter surveys, the German Greens regularly come out as the party deemed to have by far the greatest competency in this area and in energy policy as well. This study by Arne Jungjohann tries to answer if this image is justified, as it looks at the subnational level of the federal states.
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The European Election in Germany

This E-Paper analyse the results of the European Election in Germany and the specific impacts on national politics and the competition between the parties in Germany.