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The Loss and Damage Finance Facility: Why and How

Discussion Paper
The objective of this discussion paper is to contribute to achieving the establishment and operationalization of an Loss and Damage Finance Facility (LDFF) that delivers on the needs of developing countries at speed and scale by explaining the why and how. The paper explains why the LDFF is necessary before turning to an analysis of the governing arrangements and core operational functions for the LDFF.

Transfeminism in Latin America

Die Organisation Sentiido liefert mit ihrem Bericht eine explorative Bestandsaufnahme einiger Initiativen, Führungspersönlichkeiten und Organisationen in Lateinamerika sowie Informationen über die wichtigsten Schnittpunkte, Aktionsbereiche und Herausforderungen, denen sich der lateinamerikanische Transfeminismus gegenübersieht.
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We declare our full solidarity with Ukraine. We stand by the side of our Ukrainian partners and colleagues and, at the same time, by the side of our partners in Russian civil society who are beset by harsh repression.

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