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Cover with a red background. Title: Buffer Stocks against Inflation - Public Food Stocks for Price Stabilization and their Contribution to the Transformation of Food Systems

Buffer Stocks against Inflation

Policy Paper
The build-up of national, regional and global public buffer stocks for food can help stabilise prices on global agricultural markets and limit inflation. 
Gender-Sensitive Recovery Cover

Gender-Sensitive Recovery and Development at the Local Level:

Russia's all-out war against Ukraine has been ravaging the country for more than two years now. It creates a multitude of new challenges that need to be adequately taken into account when planning and implementing Ukraine's reconstruction strategy. A fair and sustainable reconstruction requires gender-sensitive decision-making and implementation of measures.  
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We declare our full solidarity with Ukraine. We stand by the side of our Ukrainian partners and colleagues and, at the same time, by the side of our partners in Russian civil society who are beset by harsh repression.

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