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Dual Pressures on Iran

US Sanctions amid the Coronavirus Pandemic
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The international community often uses economic sanctions to dissuade states from pursuing confrontational policies that endanger peace. Yet sanctions usually fail when they are not embedded in a clever diplomatic strategy. In Iran, for instance, the US sanctions currently in place amid the coronavirus crisis have given the authoritarian rulers the opportunity to obscure their own failures.

This study by Iran expert David Jalilvand investigates the extent to which the Iranian population, especially marginalized groups, has been affected by the precarious state of healthcare in the country in light of the pandemic – and beyond that, whether the sanctions are missing their mark.

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November 2021
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1 Iran before the Pandemic: Sanctions and Crisis
1.1 Sanctions and Washington's policy of «maximum pressure»
1.2 Europe and US sanctions: From reluctant opposition to a new transatlantic unity
1.3 Iran's economy: Between recession and resilience
2 Sanctions and the Iranian Healthcare System
2.1 Sanctions and restrictions on humanitarian trade
3 The Coronavirus Crisis in Iran
3.1 Sanctions and the pandemic
3.2 Sanctions and international coronavirus aid

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