Perspectives Turkey is a publication series striving to be a source of reference for civil society, decision makers, opinion leaders in- and outside of Turkey. Each magazine will present feature articles, articles on ecology, democratization, culture, international politics and news from the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Each issue also contains a short biography in an attempt to present the impact of the developments in Turkey from a human perspective.

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Perspectives Turkey 9: Turkey's Democracy between two Elections

This issue features two special dossiers: the democracy dossier analyzes the current situation and strategies of significant political actors towards the Presidential elections. The second one is a gender and macroeconomy dossier, which hopefully would provide an introduction to a gendered reading of macroeconomic issues in Turkey, who will be hosting the G20 summit in 2015.

Perspectives Turkey 8: Capital and Capitalists in Turkey

This issue opens with an article by Yunus Sözen that evaluates the local elections which were held on 30 March. Our special dossier is on capital and capitalists in Turkey. We analyze the varieties of business groups from Gülen community to capitalists of the Kurdish region. Democracy section features an article on recent internet censorship efforts by the government.

Perspectives Turkey 5/2013: Gezi Park

The protests sprang from Gezi Park, and spread throughout Turkey in a short period of time, mark a historical turning point for Turkish democracy. Accounts and analyses of Gezi Protests are limited for foreign readers. Therefore, for this extraordinary occasion, we introduce a special cover story on Gezi Park Protests in our 5th issue.
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Perspectives Turkey 4/2013: The green movement in Turkey

The April issue of our Turkish "Perspectives" magazine portrays the environmental movement in Turkey and takes a closer look at its agenda, its protagonists, its biggest achievements and its relationship to the political sphere. Furthermore, it provides articles on the fields of democracy, culture, ecology and foreign policy.

Perspectives Turkey 3/2013: The Turkish Question

A rich collection of articles on hot political issues, democracy as well as the political system, the environment, ecology, the arts and many other subjects. The highlight in this second issue will be on “The Turkish Question” with perspectives by Doğu Ergil, Ahmet İnsel, Evren Balta Paker, Mustafa Sönmez, and İnci Özkan Kerestecioğlu.
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Perspectives Turkey 2/2012: Middle East and Turkey

The second issue of our Turkish "Perspectives" magazine will not only analyze the shift in foreign policy and the impact of the “Arab spring” but also shed some light on the very recent developments in Syria from within. Finally, it will draw your attention on the impact of the crisis – especially in Syria – on the eastern part of Turkey, Antakya and the Kurdish regions. 
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Perspectives Turkey 1/2012: Turkey's Deep State

The quarterly periodical "Perspectives" strives to be a source of reference for civil society, decision makers, opinion leaders in- and outside of Turkey. The feature articles of this first issue deal with the historical background and recent developments concerning the “deep state” of the country.