Foreign offices

Foreign Offices: Contact and Information

Offices Africa

Cape Town Office - South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has been active in Southern Africa since 1989 and for many years has focused on supporting civil society actors in the region. Since 2007, the Foundation has acted more at the interface between civil society and parliaments.

Nairobi Office - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia/Somaliland

The Regional Office for East Africa manages the regional program with the components "Environment", "Gender" and "Peacebuilding". In particular, it supports the networking of civil society organizations in the region in the fields of environmental policy, peace work and women's rights.

Abuja Office - Nigeria

The Abuja office works with civil society and government partners, policy shapers and gender activists, to name only a few of the groups and persons with whom the foundation engages to inspire public debate on the development options before Nigeria.

Dakar Office - Senegal

The Dakar office is active in green urban development, youth, gender democracy and migration. Through the support of partner organizations as well as through its own events, the Office is committed to networking civil society groups and integrating social issues in Senegal.

Offices Latin America

Rio de Janeiro Office - Brazil

Die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung arbeitet in Brasilien zu den Schwerpunkten sozioökologische Gerechtigkeit, Demokratie, Sicherheit und Menschenrechte sowie Geschlechterdemokratie.

Office Mexico City - Mexico, the Caribbean

The Heinrich Böll Foundation works in Mexico and the Caribbean on resource policy, energy and socio-ecological transformation as well as democracy, security and digital rights.

Office Bogotá - Colombia

In Colombia, the Heinrich Böll Foundation works on the topics of democracy, ecology and sustainability as well as on global issues.

Offices Middle East and North Africa

Office Ramallah - Palestine, Jordan

Our office in Ramallah aims to promote democracy and make contributions to regional conflict management. To achieve this we work with civil society actors, universities, think tanks, and young activists.

Office Tel Aviv - Israel

Our Israel office in Tel Aviv, established in 1998, is a continuation of programmes that began in 1992. The office aims to promote Israeli democracy, debates about the Middle East conflict, and exchanges and dialogue between Israel and Germany.

Office Beirut - Lebanon, Syria, Iraq

The Middle East Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation has been opened in 2004. For many organisations and individuals, we have become a partner for activism and formation of networks, provider of international contacts, observer and analyst in the region.

Office Rabat - Morroco

The office Heinrich Böll Foundation in Rabat, Morocco was founded in 2014 and works on the subjects of ecology and sustainability as well as democratization.

Office Tunis - Tunesia

In reaction to the Arab Spring the Foundation decided to expand its programmes to North Africa and, in the summer of 2012, began to establish a new office in Tunis which opened in May 2013.

Offices Asia

Bangkok office, Southeast Asia/ASEAN

The Foundation's Southeast Asia program, being restructured in 2015, will focus on highlighting how globalization and integration in the ASEAN countries have an impact on people’s lives.

Islamabad office, Pakistan

The office’s work focuses on the equitable use of natural resources, renewable energy, climate change, women’s participation in policy development and the promotion of stability and peace.

Delhi office, India

The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s country office in New Delhi coordinates the work of the foundation in India since 2002. The office supports dialogue with a variety of political actors in the country.

Beijing office, China

Together with our Chinese partner organizations, our office observes and analyzes China's complex developments and promotes communication and consultation.

Phnom Penh office, Cambodia

Together with our partner organizations, our office in Phnom Penh is working to change gender roles in Cambodia in a critical dialog with the government, political parties and investors.

Kabul office, Afghanistan

The Kabul office supports women and young people in getting their voices heard in policymaking processes and provides a platform for dialog between state and non-state actors through studies, consultation, media relations and other instruments.

Yangon office, Myanmar

The Heinrich Boell Foundation is observing the political and economic transformation process with a critical eye and providing spaces and inspiration for debates and communication with regional actors.

Offices Europe and North America

Paris Office - France

Since late 2015, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is in the process of setting up a new office in Paris, which will focus on four main activities: energy transition and climate protection, greening the economy, democracy’s crisis of confidence, and European politics.

Brussels Office - European Union

Our main areas of activity are the EU’s common foreign and security policy, energy and climate policy, as well as the promotion of democracy and human rights.

Istanbul Office - Turkey

Our main focus points are the promotion of democratic reform within Turkey, the future of Turkish energy policy, and the development of rural regions.

Tbilisi Office - South Caucasus Region

Our office is involved in establishing a democratic political culture in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. One of the special objectives of the office is to develop policy recommendations for an active and coherent EU approach towards the Southern Caucasus region.

Kyiv Office - Ukraine

Our main focus is to boost civil society in Ukraine and Belarus. To achieve this, we offer training programmes and assistance, host public discussion meetings in Ukraine, and promote civil-society organisations and initiatives in Belarus.

Thessaloniki Office - Greece

The office aims to bolster such forces and groups within civil society that are trying to reform and realign Greek politics decisively.

Warsaw Office - Poland

Established in 2002, the Warsaw office works closely with partner organisations within the thematic priority areas of Democracy & Human Rights, International Politics and Energy & Climate.

Prague Office - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia

Our Prague office manages the Foundation’s projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary and Croatia, supporting civil-society groups and empowering green movements within the region. The main focus of our regional activities is on the future of European democracy and on energy and climate policy.

Moscow Office - Russian Federation

Our Moscow office’s activities aim to strengthen democratic political culture in Russia. For this purpose, we primarily try to empower women and to promote the idea of ​​gender democracy. Additional topics are ecological modernization of the economy, responsible climate policies, and debates examining Russia’s nuclear energy.

Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb offices, South-Eastern Europe

The main emphases of our work is on supporting democratic and legal reforms within the region, as well as on bolstering civil society. For this, the offices collaborate with journalists, lawyers, and political scientists, and they host debates and workshops.