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Kapitän Wakusch (Captain Wakusch) - a documentary by Kerstin Nickig - Kerstin Nickig

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Gender-Sensitive Recovery Cover

Gender-Sensitive Recovery and Development at the Local Level:

Russia's all-out war against Ukraine has been ravaging the country for more than two years now. It creates a multitude of new challenges that need to be adequately taken into account when planning and implementing Ukraine's reconstruction strategy. A fair and sustainable reconstruction requires gender-sensitive decision-making and implementation of measures.  
Grünes Titelbild mit Bild eines grafischen Baums mit vier Ästen, neben den Personen stehenn

Here, at last

In his book, author Vedran Horvat takes a personal journey through the last two decades of politics in the Western Balkans and sheds light on the potential of green politics under extremely difficult conditions.

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