The Heinrich Böll Foundation is represented in Asia with five offices in Bangkok, New Delhi, Beijing, Yangon, and Phnom Penh. From there, we support partner projects in the countries of the region. Our Afghanistan program is implemented by a local partner organization. More information about the work of our Asia Department and our country offices can be found on this page.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on Asia.

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Recent Articles on Asia

Thematic Focuses on Asia

A fisherman is workin on a small boat, in the background is the skyline Phnom Penh

Civic agency despite shrinking spaces in Cambodia

Publications on Asia

Afghanistan: Ruling by Decree

Policy Brief
Within Taliban governance, the absence of a constitution or legal structure leaves Emir's decrees as the principal guiding force. This policy brief looks at Taliban governance and the challenges posed by the reliance on moral guidance.

Afghanistan: Response to Forced Returnees

Policy Brief
In 2023, tensions peaked between Afghanistan and Pakistan over the expulsion of Afghan nationals. This brief examines the institutional response, challenges, and recommendations for international support.
Cover with the skyline of Shanghai in the background

China’s Climate Transition: Outlook 2023

To successfully achieve a peaking and rapid decline in emissions, China will need increased efforts on energy efficiency, a successful transformation of the economic growth model, or even higher investments into clean energy.