Citizen Participation

Citizen participation is a central element of a functioning democracy, enabling the active involvement of citizens in political decision-making processes. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including the right to vote and be elected, participation in public discussions, the exercise of freedom of opinion and assembly, as well as contributing to political decisions at the local, regional, and national levels.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on citizen participation.

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Thematic Focuses on Citizen Participation

Publications on Citizen Participation

Feministische Außenpolitik

Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit

Feminist foreign policy is emerging as a new paradigm in international relations. The concept raises expectations of a more peaceful and just foreign policy, but its theoretical dimension and practical implementation are often not clearly defined. This toolkit tries to close this gap and clarify key terms of feminist foreign policy, as well as outline the practical application of the feminist approach to international diplomacy, to security, environmental, development, trade and migration policy.