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The global economy determines trade relations, the job market, and global wealth distribution, which directly impact living conditions and the development opportunities of people. A stable and fair world economy contributes to promoting growth, employment, and prosperity and is therefore of fundamental importance for the functioning of societies.

Here you will find current articles, publications, and thematic focuses on the global economy.

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Pricing carbon

Both in Germany and internationally, the debate on the pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is experiencing a renaissance. However, an enlightened and realistic discussion of ways and means is needed so that CO2 pricing instruments can play a stronger role in climate policy. In this study, climate and energy expert Felix Chr. Matthes of the Öko-Institut examines the relevant elements of a CO2 pricing strategy. He gives an overview of design criteria and mechanisms of action.  

Perspectives 1/2017: South Africa - Emerging Power or Fading Star?

Informed by the discussions at an international conference jointly organised by the German Development Institute, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Stanford University on “Emerging Power or Fading Star? South Africa’s Role on the Continent and Beyond”, held 12–14 July 2016 in Cape Town, the articles gathered in this edition of Perspectives shed light on some of the nuances and challenges that define South Africa’s place in the world today.