«The Oranges in Europe taste better»On the root causes of flight, the countermeasures – and their shortcomings

"The oranges in Europe taste better"

On the causes of flight, how to combat them and what is wrong with them
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There are many reasons for migration: persecution and war, poverty and hunger, but also the quest for a better life. Migration is - defined in the short term - the medium or long-term shift of the centre of life. It happens in large numbers within the legal framework, but also outside it, and increasingly affects Europe.

The contributions in this publication provide insights into exemplary processes that drive people away from their homes. Scientists from Pakistan, Somalia and El Salvador write about their countries; refugees from Syria, Burundi and Malawi as well as migrants and activists from Niger and Senegal have their say in interviews and discussions. They make it clear how little we know about the so-called "causes of flight" and show the need for political shaping of migration.


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March 2018
Heinrich Böll Foundation
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Preface and introduction

  • Ali Nobil Ahmad

    On the concepts of migration, flight, asylum and some other
  • Interview with Elyse Ngabire

    "I got away from them at the last moment"
  • Ali Nobil Ahmad

    Topography of Complexity - On Migration to, in and from Pakistan
  • Interview with Souley Mahamadou Laouali

    "We need big factories in Niger."
  • Nimo Ilhan Ahmad Ali

    "The oranges in Europe taste better" - Young Somalis and their

    dangerous road to Europe
  • Interview with Yassin al-Haj Saleh

    "At first, the word 'exile' seemed like mockery.
  • Mario Zetino Duarte and Dilsia Avelar Castro

    El Salvador - No end to violence
  • Interview with Tiwonge Chimbalanga

    "We lived together and wanted our relationship to be officially

    is recognised".
  • Thomas Schmid

    "They want our fish - but they don't want us"
  • Interview with Yayi Bayam Diouf

    "He said he knew that I had put all my hopes in him.

The authors


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