Global economic governance



Are the growth aspiration of the G20 compatible with the sustainable development goals and the necessary emission reductions under the Paris Agreement?

This dossier contains information and analysis about global economic governance and investment policies whith focus on infrastructure and energy projects and their consequences.

News on G20

Infrastructure investment

Contracts for Sustainable Infrastructure

Infrastructure is essential to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and to the success of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Our partner IISD presents why governments must invest in sustainable infrastructure and how they can integrate sustainability into infrastructure contracts.

Infrastructure projects in Africa - „development for whom?“

Will the G20’s infrastructure finance model support people, especially the poorest and vulnerable ones that lack access to infrastructure, and bring greater equality? Or is it a means to create another plaything for financial markets to concentrate wealth at the top?
Aldo Caliari

The G20 Compact with Africa: innovative partnerships or business as usual?

Africa and the G20 – Considerations for Building a Meaningful Partnership