Green Hydrogen

Sustainable investment and fair trade

Within the energy transition, international trade in green hydrogen and its derivatives will play an important role. But what opportunities and risks does this entail for exporting countries in the global South? What framework is needed to ensure that investments and trade develop from the start with sustainability in mind?

The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Bread for the World are exploring these questions in a joint project.

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Cover des Buches Green Hydrogem

Green Hydrogen: Key success criteria for sustainable trade & production


Based on national consultations in African and Latin American countries, this report examines benefits and risks for local communities and the envisaged exporting countries located in the Global South. It outlines international policy recommendations for how a human-rights based, equitable, just, and environmentally sound trade should work.

Cover: Green hydrogen – hype or beacon of hope?

Green hydrogen – hype or beacon of hope?


In the coming years, the global energy system will have to undergo a profound structural change in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. (Green) hydrogen will play an important role in this. This publication provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the topic. It informs about trends in the production and use of hydrogen and the potential challenges.

Cover Pastoralismus und Großprojekte für erneuerbare Energien und grünen Wasserstoff

Pastoralism and large-scale REnewable energy and green hydrogen projects


Large-scale renewable energy projects are being developed in the drylands of Africa, Asia and Latina America without adequate consultation with pastoralists that have been using the land for grazing their livestock since time memorial. This joint report by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Bread for the World examines evidence from existing large-scale projects and derives recommendations.

Video Recording

Global launch - Making international trade in green hydrogen fair and sustainable - EUClimateAction

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Global launch - Making international trade in green hydrogen fair and sustainable

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  • Aleksandra Tomczak, Member of the Cabinet VP Timmermans
  • Rainer Baake, Special Envoy, Climate Neutrality Foundation, former State Secretary of Energy, Germany
  • Dinga Sikwebu, Global Labour University (GLU) – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • James Mnyupe, Presidential Economic Advisor and Green Hydrogen Commissioner, Namibia

Pastoralism and Large-scale Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen projects - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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Pastoralism and Large-scale Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen projects

Online discussion on June 9th 2022


  • Hussein Tadicha Wario, Center for Research and Development in Drylands, Kenya
  • Ann Waters-Bayer, Agrecol Association, Germany
  • Christian Schnohr, Press officer at ABO Wind
  • Kirsten Westphal, Executive Director at H2Global Stiftung
As the world urgently needs an energy transition, green energy production will expand even further into Kenya's drylands. The challenge here is to figure out how to prevent climatic injustice to pastoralists.
Hussein Tadicha Wario
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