Agriculture Atlas - Facts and figures on EU farming policy


The European edition of this atlas combines elements from various already published national editions, giving both an overview of Europe as a whole as well as insights into the agricultural structures in various EU member states. This atlas aims to strengthen civil society and social movements throughout the continent, thereby advancing the ecological and social transformation in our agricultural and food systems.


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Cover - Another lost Decade or a Decade of Action?

Another Lost Decade or a Decade of Action?

Policy Brief

Climate-related shocks are becoming more frequent and severe. More than ever, countries must invest in climate resilience and just transitions, but for many emerging market and developing economies, high debt burdens put achieving climate and development goals out of reach. A new policy brief explains the proposal advanced by the Debt Relief for Green and Inclusive Recovery (DRGR) Project.

Borneo, Malaysia - Rice field

Debt Relief for a Green and Inclusive Recovery


The report analyzes new data on the level and composition of sovereign debt for emerging markets and developing economies and its relationship to climate vulnerability. It estimates the size of debt restructuring and suspension necessary for countries in or at high risk of debt distress to achieve debt sustainability and put them on a path towards meeting their development goals and climate commitments.

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Latin America

Brazil: Chronicles of a frustrated coup

Invasion of national congress Brazil

Questions remain in Brazil after former President Jair Bolsonaro's supporters stormed the federal government's buildings on January 8.

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Data for Sustainable Urban Mobility: Views from Germany and the United States

Vergleichstext - Strategiepapiere urbane Mobilität

Data and digital technologies can support the transition to greener and more equitable urban transportation systems. This transatlantic project looks at how public-private data-sharing and seamless mobility across transportation modes can support cities in reaching their climate and inclusion goals – across very different regulatory systems.

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