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The fundraising on the evening of the award ceremony for the Syrian White Helmets raised a total of 1.120 €. With this amount we support the aid for the earthquake victims in Syria in general and in particular the work of the 221 female White Helmets. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors once again!

Anne Klein Women's Award 2023 to Joumana Seif

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Preisträgerin: Joumana Seif

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Anne-Klein-Womens-Award 2023 to Joumana Seif - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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More on the topic: Sexual violence in wars and armed conflicts

The topic of sexual violence in armed conflicts was already a topic of the Anne Klein Women's Prize in previous years. For example, in 2018, when the jury of the Anne Klein Women's Prize honored two women from Colombia, Jineth Bedoya Lima and Mayerlis Angarita Robles, who campaigned for the rights of women in armed conflicts, against the use of structural sexual violence and for peace and processing in Colombia.

Anne Klein Women's Award 2018 to Jineth Bedoya and Mayerlis Angarita

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Gender-based and sexual violence are very common in virtually all armed conflicts and are often used as strategic weapons of war. Women and girls are mostly affected. There has been important progress at international, regional and national levels: sexual violence is categorised and addressed in legal systems - as war crimes, crimes against humanity, violations of human rights treaties... This is what our Anne Klein Women's Laureate 2023 stands for, this is what we honour her for. Her focus is on Syria. However, sexualised violence in armed conflicts is unfortunately used as the "cheapest means of warfare" in all regions of the world; the scale is appalling and survivors often find no justice or support. We take a closer look at some of the affected regions here.

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More than a military tactic: sexual violence in wars and armed conflicts

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What do intersectionality, feminist leadership and feminist foreign policy have to do with justice?

Eine Frau steht mit gehobener Faust bei einer Demonstration

Sexual violence in the conflict in northern Ethiopia