10 Years Anne Klein Women’s Award

With this award, the Heinrich Böll Foundation honors women who courageously and persistently stand up for human rights, equal rights and sexual self-determination. Here, the award winners have their say: great, fearless, inspiring voices.

2021: Cânân Arın

Cânân Arın from Istanbul, Turkey, is the tenth recipient of the Anne Klein Women's Award. The lawyer will receive the award in 2021 for her tireless commitment to non-violence, equality and legal security for women and girls. For over 40 years, she has campaigned for women's rights and self-determination. In 1990, Arın was one of the founders of the Mor Çatı (Purple Roof) association and of the first independent women's shelter in Turkey, which was founded in 1995.

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2020: Dr. Prasanna Gettu

Dr. Prasanna Gettu, Chennai, India, received the Anne Klein Women's Award 2020 for her courageous defence of human rights and women's rights to a life free of violence and self-determination. The criminologist is co-founder of the International Foundation for Crime Prevention & Victim Care in Chennai, where survivors of arson and acid attacks receive care and counselling.

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2019: Kristina Hänel, Natascha Nicklaus und Nora Szász

Kristina Hänel, Natascha Nicklaus und Nora Szász, Germany, laureates 2019 for their persistent fight against §219a StGB and the defence of women's right to information. The three doctors were reported for allegedly advertising abortions - allegedly a violation of §219a of the Criminal Code. All three refuse to take the information about their medical services off their websites.

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2018: Jineth Bedoya Lima und Mayerlis Angarita Robles

Jineth Bedoya Lima und Mayerlis Angarita Robles, Colombia - joint award winners in 2018 for their commitment to the rights of women and girls in armed conflicts, against the use of structural sexual violence against women and for peace and reappraisal in Colombia. Jineth Bedoya is a journalist who reports on armed conflicts and their civilian victims; Mayerlis Angarita fights for land restitution for forcibly displaced women and founded the women's collective "Narrar para Vivir" (Narrating to Live).

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2017: Nomarussia Bonase

Nomarussia Bonase, Johannesburg, South Africa, received the Anne Klein Women's Award in 2017 for her commitment to women's rights and women's politics, to coming to terms with the past and to reconciliation. She stands up for the victims and survivors of the apartheid regime - also and especially for women who were not heard by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1996 - 1998) and who should be entitled to justice and reparation.

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2016: Dr. Gisela Burckhardt

Dr. Gisela Burckhardt, Bonn, Germany - Award winner 2016 for her consistent commitment to women's and workers' rights in the global textile industry. In recent years, she and her organisation FEMNET have been supporting women in South Asia in their struggle for fair wages and working conditions in the textile industry. In doing so, Burckhardt keeps an eye on the corporations and those politically responsible as well as the consumers.

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2015: Nebahat Akkoc

Nebahat Akkoc, Diyarbakir, Turkey, received the Anne Klein Women's Award 2015 for her active resistance against state and domestic violence, for defending human rights and women's rights. In 1997, she founded the Turkish-Kurdish women's rights organisation Kamer (KAdin MERkezi, Women's Centre). As part of a Turkey- and Europe-wide network of women's rights organisations and women's centres, Kamer offers psychological and legal counselling for women, shelters and support for economic self-sufficiency.

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2014: Imelda Marrufo Nava

Imelda Maruffo Nava, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico - 2014 awardee for her contribution to the recognition of feminicide as a separate criminal offence and her fearless fight against gender-based violence. Maruffo Nava began documenting murders of women at an early age and giving names, faces and histories to those murdered. As a board member of Mesa de Mujeres, she does lobbying, campaigning and public relations work, accompanies human rights defenders who have experienced violence to court and supports relatives of murdered women in prosecution and finding justice.

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2013: Lepa Mlađenović

Lepa Mlađenović, Belgrade, Serbia, received the Anne Klein Women's Award in 2013 for her courageous advocacy for women's and lesbian rights, sexual self-determination and against violence and militarism. For decades, she has been committed to the rights of women and people with sexual identities beyond the majority norms and advocates for women and lesbians at very different levels. She is active in peace and reconciliation work and develops strategies for the prevention of violence.

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2012: Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad

Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad, Berlin, Germany: The first recipient of the Anne Klein Women's Award was honoured in 2012 for her tireless work for legal security for all people, regardless of skin colour, gender and religion, and against racism. Prasad tackles taboo topics such as "modern" slavery and labour exploitation with a focus on women in "household-related services". Against all odds, she and her fellow campaigners in the counselling centre "Ban Ying" set standards for the legal recognition and compensation of victims and for the prosecution of perpetrators.

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